Rainbow your SAP
make it colorful, powerful & fun



 No Development – In Hours – Native to SAP

RainbowSAP Introduction

What is RainbowSAP Suite?

Create, Enhance, Simplify & Publish ALV Assets

Native within SAP, Without Development, Directly on Production

Operational Reports

  • Spreadsheet-like capabilities
  • Adding content columns
  • Drill-down to business objects
  • Add personal comments
  • Functional Buttons
  • Fast Delivery via Outlook


  • Outgoing and Incoming
  • Pull/Push, Scheduled/Alerts
  • Formats: XLSX, HTML, XML…
  • Media: Emails, Files, FTP…
  • XLSX to ALV

Process Automation

  • 1st code-free Business process automation (BPA) for SAP on production
  • Ideal for ‘Long-Tail Processes’ that are not cost-efficient to automate

Omni UI

  • ‘Beautified’ SAPGUI
  • SAPUI5 (Fiori-like)
  • MS Excel

Can you relate to the following?

You are using standard SAP ERP Reporting to answer a simple business question and you realize how rigid it is. The only standard SAP alternative is ABAP code that will take weeks and will not address the next question that you will have.

So what most people do, they turn to Excel to get their needs addressed. You know that it is not optimal.

Data becomes obsolete as soon as it was downloaded to Excel. It is disconnected from SAP standard functionality including: Drill downs, DB Lookup, Data Write back. It is missing SAP authorization, compromising privacy & security. You end up with confidential data that is stored insecurely in silos on people’s PCs.

How does RainbowSAP solve it?

RainbowSAP is added natively to SAP. It takes minutes to install it using SAP Change Requests mechanism. It is using the SAP native UI look and feel, so no training is needed.

You can use RainbowSAP in all of your standard and custom SAP reports. RainbowSAP brings Excel functionality natively into SAP Reports. So you get the best of both worlds and even more:

  • Excel – Conditional formatting, Grouping, Cell coloring, Comments
  • SAP – out-of-the-box Drill downs, DB Lookup and Data Write back.
  • Even more – description for every coded value, available as a Fiori app, shared via email with peers and business partners.

Short introduction video
ME2N (Purchase Orders by PO Number) Reborn!


Rainbow your SAP, make it colorful, powerful and fun.

Extend your SAP reporting, in minutes, to best fit your needs.

No lengthy and costly ABAP development..and it takes minutes to install.

Supports any report

Standard SAP reports, custom made reports (Z-reports) and ABAP queries.

Highly secured

Data access adheres to SAP standards and is not floating around in Excel files.

Analyze live SAP data

Running on SAP data, ensures up-to-date information.

It’s like Excel

  1. Easily add columns e.g. for comments
  2. Conditional formatting
  3. Grouping – Resulted in an active navigation pan
  4. Collaboration – cell annotation, comments and share via email

Native to SAP

  1. Get description of any code field
  2. Enrich the report by getting data from any SAP table
  3. Manipulate data leveraging SAP’s standard multi-currency and multi UOM
  4. And you can even write back into SAP e.g. approval of an invoice

…and you can collaborate efficiently

  1. Share your report with your team
  2. Each external business partners will get the relevant part of the information
  3. View the information as Excel file, in your email – or pick from many other combinations of format and media

Immediately served as Fiori-Like application

  1. Each Rainbow could be displayed as Fiori-Like app
  2. All content and presentation is forwarded to the app
  3. Using Rainbow variants, the Fiori look&Feel could be adjusted
  4. Real SAPUI5 data types including a parameter that supports the various languages


Subscription Price List

RainbowSAP Suite consists of 4 modules which represent strong inter-connected synergies: Rainbow, Publisher, IDOC & Changer.

The Pricing reflects the value generated by RainbowSAP Suite, and is based on actual estimation of the company’s consumption for the upcoming year.

Monthly Subscription Costs starting from $1,500 per month (Base Price + Variable Price):

  • Base Price (Price per SAP Installation Number): 1,000 USD / Month
  • Variable Price (Price per Variant / Month)
# of Variant Units Price per Variant ($/MONTH)

Minimal usage = 25 variants for the cost of 500 USD / month

2nd year and beyond: The price per variant applies to the variant count within this respective range.


  • "We easily shared a standard SAP report with my peers and customers and it’ll soon be natively available via SAP Fiori."

    Nir Negrin
    Nir Negrin Netafim
  • “With RainbowSAP, in a timely manner, we achieved to produce a very complex operational report that I suspected that we could not even make it happen with SAP”

    Mr. Arik Fogel
    Mr. Arik Fogel Global Planning Manager at Amiad Water Systems LTD
  • The ratio of the effort required to the impact achieved was what made this particular solution worthwhile. With minimal effort we implemented a solution to a real, tangible problem the business identified

    Bhavnani Prakash
    Bhavnani Prakash Clemens Food Group / Business system analyst
  • "Rainbow is an integral part of SAP yet it feels and performs more like Excel - It is the best of both worlds."

    Yonina Ben-Israel
    Yonina Ben-Israel Logistics Director at Clalit Health Services
  • "I Rainbowed my first SAP report in 10 minutes that would have taken an ABAP developer more than 5 days."

    Micha Efraim
    Micha Efraim Camtek
  • "We invested less time in creating the entire solution within SAP than it took us to compose the requirement document for the development path we thought we would pursue prior to meeting RainbowSAP. Frankly, we do not know if the development outcome would even be as quality as we achieved with RainbowSAP”.

    Mr. Ran Amitzur
    Mr. Ran Amitzur SAP Logistic Consultant at Amiad Water Systems LTD

RainbowSAP is developed by a group of former SAP employees.

Some of us have started over 20 years ago with SAP R/3 4.0B. We keep pushing SAP’s state of the art technology forward. As an example, we recently enable generating SAP Fiori from any standard and customized SAP report. No programming is required.

We deeply understand the power of SAP and its huge potential for running organizations. But we also believe that the overall experience for power users and end users should be delightful.

We believe SAP customers deserve More!

We are destined to remove the dependency on the scarce SAP experts.

  • Get any data you need instantly
  • Don’t compromise on security
  • Always up to date with the latest SAP UI technologies (UI 5, Fiori, etc)