RainbowSAP Changer is a comprehensive yet simple, intuitive and easy to use, All-in-One search engine within SAP’s huge log activity database tables. It is an extremely practical utility, used daily, tracing specific log activities according to object classes. Changer provides a new user experience by getting instant clarity about what happens in the business.


Changer streamlines the complex search per specific object class; it addresses all object classes in one application, from one focal point. Its flexible search engine allows employees to search large amounts of log activity data within their organization in a fast, focused and efficient way. The search is performed within the CDHDR and CDPOS (huge) log tables.


Changer uses dynamic object class search. Additional search parameters are dynamically set according to the selected object class. The log activity data is conveyed clearly, quickly and accurately. Specific log activity data can be viewed by all relevant people, per request. Its distribution is easily performed in conjunction with RainbowSAP Publisher, on any media and on any format, at every user’s convenience.


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