What column types can be added to Rainbow?

Rainbow offers a large set of column types:

  1. Text – Automatic retrieval of value text (description) for referenced columns (Vendor name, Unit of measure description, Employee name, etc.)
  2. Formula – Easy-to-use interface for entering logical statement and mathematical formulas in Excel-like format
  3. DB Lookup – Easy selection from DB table/view
  4. Comment – Built-in functionality for cell/row commenting by end-users
  5. Input – Out of the box editable typed-column for user input (including search help and data validation) – Change documents history is available
  6. Input Info – Metadata for Input column: Date/time/user of last update
  7. Long Text – Easy to use mechanism for displaying long text maintained for standard objects
  8. Table Lookup – Vlookup to a column in another report (implemented using Snapshot)
  9. Aggregation – Aggregated values of a column (Sum, Count, Max, etc,) grouped by set of other columns
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