What is RainbowSAP Suite?

RainbowSAP Suite is a platform that allows business analysts, consultants and business end-users to create, enhance and publish ALV Assets, Without Development, within SAP.
RainbowSAP allows one to (i) create and improve Operational Reports (Spreadsheet capabilities within SAP, ‘Joining’, and much more), (ii) introduce interfaces such as CSV, XML, FTP (both outgoing and incoming from & to SAP), (iii) deploy RPA within SAP for long-tail processes which typically are not worthwhile to develop, and (iv) help business end-users to consume SAP data and reports much easier via emails, UI5 (Fiori), SMS, mobile & ‘beautified’ SAP-Gui in both scheduled pull and push modes – all without development.
RainbowSAP is installed as a Change Request on top of the SAP installation, untouching the transformational data while inheriting SAP’s authorization protocol since RainbowSAP is completely embedded within SAP.
Rainbow is an SAP-certified product, natively coded in SAP using ABAP.

What are the main modules within the RainbowSAP Suite?

RainbowSAP Suite consists of 4 main modules:
(i) Rainbow: ALV-Based Operational Report Creator & Enhancer. Rainbow also enables the immediate conversion of any ALV asset into SAP UI5 (Fiori), without development.
(ii) Publisher: Quick dispatching tool of operational reports that enables data split according to the recipient’s context, in various formats and media (in both pull & push modes). Publisher enables also the creation of quick interfaces with other systems, turning excel tables into ALV and freezing transactional data through snapshots.
(iii) Changer: a simplified SAP-Log Tracker, monitors log activity changes & inconsistencies
(iv) IDoc Monitor: a simplified IDoc search and monitor tool that dramatically facilitates troubleshooting of SAP-related issues.

In what business areas Rainbow is being used?


Rainbow is widely used in different SAP products (ERP, S/4HANA, CRM, SRM, etc.), in all available SAP modules (MM, SD, FI, CO, HR, PM, etc.), and in all available Industry Solutions (Automotive, Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, HiTech, Utilities, etc.) .



What type of users create reports with Rainbow?

Rainbow Makers are the user type that can create, enhance, publish and modify operational reports, business solutions, Interfaces and Easier Access solutions for end-users. D’Pros offers a 4 days RainbowSAP Makers course for those who wish to become certified RainbowSAP Makers. Of course, the course is not compulsory to create reports. Any user, with some SAP know-how, and with the right authorization could start creating reports with a very short enablement session and/or by reviewing the user guide and other user enablement collateral available on www.rainbowsap.com website.

Additionally, end-users can add inputs, comments, conditional formatting, formulas, input columns, and other basic simplification and visualization elements, subject to the right authorizations.

What are the Key RainbowSAP User roles?

The two key functional RainbowSAP user roles are ‘RainbowSAP Maker’ and ‘Business End-User’. There are three other roles, more technical in their nature: Product Administrator, Group Administrator, and Authorization Administrator.

RainbowSAP Maker:

Maybe a strong SAP user or an SAP Business Consultant. Essentially, this person can enhance ALV assets: Operational reports, interfaces, Business Process Automation within SAP, SAP UI5, and Publisher jobs.


The RainbowSAP Maker will have the authorization to build and create new variants that would ensure that the Business End-User’s dependency on IT to making changes and inputs are at minimum (if at all). These may include:

– Joining, Advanced formulas…

– Interfaces (outgoing, incoming)

– Complex personalization

– Define Publishing jobs

– Create Web / Mobile Access

– Automate processes within SAP


 Business End-User:

The Business End User is not supposed to create any new variants, but will be using the output and creations of the RainbowSAP Makers to an extent that would reduce his /her dependency on the IT team and/or SAP experts to minimum, if at all. Subject to the Authorization granted, the End User is may benefit through the following activities as self-service (but not limited to), ‘On Production’:


  • ‘Excel Spreadsheet’ type of modifications, which may include (but not limited to): Painting cells, Conditional Formatting, Entering of Comments, Graphs, Quick Sending by Outlook, Access to Selection Screen to modify dates or other parameters…
  • Pull Operational Reports on demand (‘SMART’ functionality)
  • Direct access to enhanced operational reports via SAP GUI, SAP UI5, Mobile or pre-scheduled automated email
  • Use Functional Buttons (if applicable and if authorization granted)


Further information about all 5 RainbowSAP roles may be found at the following LINK.

Our SAP system is up and running and everyone is used to the existing processes and tools. Why should I be interested?

RainbowSAP is about improving your organization’s productivity, allowing your internal customers (the users) to be more self-sufficient and having them reaching out to IT and the SAP team only on very important matters. RainbowSAP represents a marginal investment which will unlock in low time and within minimal effort substantially higher values and benefits from the multi-million investments made already in SAP.

What are the key pain points RainbowSAP Suite is addressing?

There are quite a few. The two principal pain points are related to the need to answer business questions in the most fastest and credible way. Today, SAP teams have two ways to address such emerging business questions: (i) Trigger a development process that would last many days, if not weeks – eventually ending with a semi-tailored Z-report which is not supported by SAP (and later one would be needed to be redeveloped when migrating to a new SAP version), (ii) Export data to a spreadsheet, thus risk with data inaccuracies, lack of control where the confidential information ends up and the creation of organizational silos since users add inputs and comments on spreadsheets, rather than within SAP. Consequently, also the BI solutions lose their reliability.

RainbowSAP fully answers these two pain points and eliminates all these risks allowing the SAP teams and end users to personalize reports and interfaces without development, within SAP, within hours.

Can we see a demonstration of RainbowSAP?


Please contact info@d-pro.biz and we will offer you two options: (i) Demonstration using D’Pros demo environment, (ii) installation at your environment with complimentary licenses for 2 weeks, permitting you to see the immediate value of RainbowSAP with you data.

We are so busy with a ‘Go-Live’ project and other much more important projects. There is no time for a new project…

RainbowSAP is not an external 3rd party system, or rather a complicated system that requires intensive ramp up or change management. Users continue using their own working environments, simply with enriched capabilities. Actually, within a less than a week, business users would have their business problems resolved on Production, thus free up your time to focus on Go-Live…

What is the definition of a Variant?

“Variant” shall mean:

  1. Rainbow – a line (ID) in the Rainbow monitor (LINK for illustration) which is represented by a single “Rainbow Report”; Each new Rainbow Report is considered as a single Variant. For illustration, please see HERE.
  2. Publisher – a line (ID) in the Publisher monitor which is represented by a single “Publisher Job”; Each new Publisher Job is considered as a single Variant. For illustration, please see HERE.
  3. Changer – A Change Document object used in the Changer; Each new Change Document object is considered as a single Variant, regardless of the number of invocations. For illustration, please see HERE.
  4. IDoc – A line in the IDoc customization which is represented as an Idoc Type shall be considered as a single Variant, regardless of the number of invocations. For illustration, please see HERE.

The number of Variants taken into account consists of the sum of Rainbow, Publisher, Changer and IDOC Variants.

The degree of which a single variant is being used is unrestricted i.e. the number of SAP users, recipients, invocations is unlimited.

Unused Variants may be deleted by the Customer, and following their deletion they shall not be taken into account in the calculation of the License Fee for the next year(s).

How is the price for the next 12 months determined?

During the first year of usage, we understand that one may experiment, test and play with RainbowSAP. Hence, we provide a minimum package of 25 variants included within the monthly fee. By the end of each renewal period, we determine together what would be the anticipated variant usage, and according to that estimate – we determine the annual payment for the next renewal period.
You may invite as many as users to enjoy RainbowSAP, and you could process or publish each variant as many times as needed and to as many as people as needed with no extra costs.

What happens if we exceed the estimated usage during the following year?

We do not conduct audits of historic usage. At the end of the given renewal period, we believe that you would like to include the newly created variants in the variant usage estimation for the next renewal period.

When determining the price for the following renewal period, will I be charged for Variants I do not use at all?

No, you will not. All you have to do is delete these variants from your RainbowSAP / Publisher  monitor/s when we discuss the number of Variants you wish to order for the next renewal year.

How will I be charged?

Given the low monthly cost of the system, we charge annually when signing up and when it is time to renew.

Do I have Maintenance & Support fees on top of the subscription costs? Do I have set-up or installation costs?

No. As part of the base price, we provide you with 2-3 hours of Webex-based training. All maintenance & support services (activated remotely via a ticketing system) are included in the fee, as well as any support needed for the Change Request installation.

How will I learn to use the RainbowSAP?

First, please remember that RainbowSAP is not a 3rd party tool, but is embedded within your standard SAP environment. Hence, the basic training is easy, rapid and quite self-explicit.

When subscribing to the service, we offer you with a 2-3 hours of Webex-based training. Then, you will gain access to our user-guide, knowledge base and educational material accessible online. You may always send a support ticket that will be rapidly responded (in line with the SLA we commit to).

May I stop using RainbowSAP? What are the associated costs?

You have an exit point from RainbowSAP at the end of each renewal period, once informing us in writing by email with a 15-day notice.

Is a training session required before initial use?
How much time does it take to enhance an existing ALV report using Rainbow?

Less than a minute.

Adding a new column, conditional formatting, graph or grouping will take roughly one minute each.

All the above could be done directly in production and w/o a line of code.


Does Rainbow support SoD (Segregation of Duties)?


Rainbow users are assigned to one of the following Roles:

  1. Product Admin – Controls the product configuration
  2. Group Admin – Controls the Group configuration
  3. Rainbow Maker – Able to create a Rainbow report
  4. Rainbow end-users (no special role) – May use a Rainbow report in assigned the authorization to do so.


How do I create a Rainbow Report (‘Variant’)?

Watch this tutorial video link to learn how to create a new variant.

How do I create a Publisher Job (‘Variant’)?

Watch this tutorial video link to learn how to create a new Publisher Job.

How do I add an input column (‘field’) to my report, without development and in minutes?

Watch this tutorial video link to learn how to add a new Input Field.

Is it possible to add an Excel-like formula to an existing ALV report using Rainbow?


You can add new columns to existing reports using Rainbow.

One of the Column Types is Formula which enables one to write expressions in a similar way to spreadsheets.

A list of predefined Formula Functions (such as Date, Text, Math, etc.) is out-of-the-box offered – and new custom Formula Functions could be added by power users.



How do you estimate the ROI for Rainbow?

The ROI is a factor of two main components: (i) Savings of human resources & time as a result of annulation of any development needed (developers, Basis, Testers, less time spent of business analyst & business owners), (ii) Impact as a result of amazingly short Time-to-Market & Time-to-Value of a solution that addresses a business need and answers business questions in no-time, (iii) business impact thanks to the insights and value one may unlock from the ability to view and leverage operational reports, interfaces and RPA inside SAP, in ways unimaginable before without coding or development.

Do we need to pay per user/report execution?


In addition to a fixed low monthly base cost, the variable payment component is based on the number of Variants which are being used w/o any limit on the number of users or executions.

What are the system requirements for Rainbow?

NW 7.00 and above.

ERP: Any ECC6 / S/4HANA.

For SAPUI5 app: FES (Fiori Frontend Server) with minimal NW 7.4 SP09 is required (could be a separate machine)

Can I navigate to business objects via Rainbow?


Navigation to standard Business Objects (such as material, customer, vendor, purchase order, etc.) is embedded.

Navigation could be defined either at the system level or Rainbow variant level.

Sounds great. When can we start using Rainbow?

Right away.

The installation in SAP will take a few minutes and does not require any other local/external installations.


Please contact us for further details.

Migrating to S/4HANA, do we have to throw all our custom (Z) reports away?


Using Rainbow, every custom report could be displayed in SAPUI5 (Fiori-like) in 5 minutes and w/o any line of code.

We have an ALV report whose processing takes more than 10 minutes. Can Rainbow help me in reducing execution time somehow?
Can I add my own logic as part of Rainbow report?
Can I color data?
Can I add a Z column to an existing ALV report?
How much time does it take to learn Rainbow?

It depends on how good would you would like to be.

To gain most of the benefits, basic knowledge in SAP together with spreadsheet operation skills will do.

Nonetheless, Rainbow offers developers tools to extend Rainbow even more.


What level of expertise does Rainbow require?
Who works with Rainbow?
How do I control the access to my Rainbow reports?

Rainbow uses Groups to split the reports into separate areas (by department, modules, responsibility, etc.).

This way, users allowed to see only reports from Groups they are allowed to view.

Can I auto refresh my Rainbow report?


Will my Rainbow report still work when we upgrade to S/4HANA?


Do I need to update my Rainbow report after each change of original report by SAP?



Does enhancement of an existing ALV report require modification



Can I add authorization checks to an existing ALV report w/o sufficient authorization checks?


One may add additional authorization checks both at record and column level.

Who can see my Rainbow report?

Rainbow is an SAP add-on and thus whoever has the authorization to view both the original report and the Rainbow report could view it.

How much time will it take me to convert an ALV report into SAPUI5 (Fiori-Like) app using Rainbow?

Less than 5 minutes.

Just create a Rainbow report of your existing ALV report.

Any Rainbow report could be, out-of-the-box, published as SAPUI5 (Fiori-Like) app.

Can I display data in SAPUI5 (Fiori-Like) app using Rainbow?


Without any additional effort.

Any Rainbow report could be, out-of-the-box, published as SAPUI5 (Fiori-Like) app.

Can I make my report sexier using Rainbow?


Grouping, conditional formatting, additional columns, and graphs to list a few.


Can I get more out of my ALV report using Rainbow?


Grouping, conditional formatting, additional columns, and graphs to list a few.

Is any ALV (ABAP List Viewer) reports supported by Rainbow?

Yes, all ALV- based reports are supported:

  • The ‘ReUse’ function (REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY)

The only prerequisite is that the report could be executed in the background.


Can I set conditional formatting to my Rainbow report?


Do I need ABAP development skills in order to create a Rainbow report?


Most of the things are handled within Rainbow w/o writing a line of code.

Spreadsheet skills will perfectly do.

How do I transfer my Rainbow report to Production?

You do not have to.

Rainbow, by design, works directly on Production and adheres SAP authorization frameworks.

Nonetheless, if from any reason one would like to work on any other than production system landscape, the Export/Import functionality could be used.

Can I use SAP DB table as a source for Rainbow?


What column types can be added to Rainbow?
Does Rainbow support Pivot Tables?
Can I enhance custom (Z) reports with Rainbow?
Are only SAP standard reports supported?
Can I add a new column to my report?
What do I need to install on my computer to work with Rainbow?


Rainbow is an integral part of SAP environment (add-on) and thus needs nothing to be locally installed.

Is Rainbow S/4HANA Certified?
What SAP systems are supported by Rainbow?
Why would I need Rainbow when I already have a BI (Business Intelligence) or BW (Business Warehouse) system?
Is Rainbow a tool for developers?
Is Rainbow a business intelligence system?
We already use BW, do we still need Rainbow?
What is the difference between Rainbow and solutions (such as QlikView, SAP BW and SAP BO)?
What is the difference between SAP BI (BW) and Rainbow?
What technology does Rainbow use?
How much time does it take to create a new Rainbow report?
What makes the implementation of Rainbow fast and simple?
Is the technical installation finished in a single day? How is that possible?
How much time would it take a business user to enhance his SAP-based report & tailor it to his needs, without the support of the IT team?

After a short training, most of the basic enhancements could allow an individual to make various simplification and enhancement changes in less than 30 minutes…

How does the technical implementation of Rainbow work?
Can I change SAP data using Rainbow?
How does the authorization work in Rainbow?
Are authorizations copied from SAP?


Rainbow uses SAP authorization concept.

Furthermore, one may add additional authorization checks both at record and column level.

What data sources could be used in Rainbow?

Rainbow supports the following as Data Sources:

  • SAP standard ALV reports
  • Locally developed ALV reports
  • ABAP queries (SQ01 and SQVI)
  • DB table (SE16N)
  • Remote DB tables (using the DBCO standard functionality)
  • … and more
Can I send Rainbow reports via email?


By selecting the requested data range (records/columns) one may easily send them as emails via either Outlook or SAP Mail.

How much time and effort do we need to spend on supporting Rainbow?
How can Rainbow help improve Purchasing?
How can Rainbow help improve the production processes?
How can Rainbow help improve the management of stock?
How does Rainbow help to solve SAP ERP business questions?
What are the direct benefits of Rainbow?
What results do Rainbow’s customers achieve?
Is the data in Rainbow real-time?
What do Rainbow’s customers think of the solution being real-time?
How do we control endless discussions on which report is true when business users start creating their own reports?