D’PROS IDoc is an unprecedented utility that accelerates dramatically the efficiency and speed in high volume IDoc searches. D’PROS IDoc enhances, customizes and personalizes the IDoc inherent search and reporting capabilities, overcoming the existing highly laborious search. D’PROS IDoc maintains its high performance while the business grows, as a result of applying a unique structured search algorithm.

Furthermore, D’PROS IDoc dynamically generates an ALV Report per each IDoc type, resulting in making IDoc search intuitive and accessible to non-technical SAP users.


D’PROS IDoc enhanced features include IDoc-type search with aggregated attributes, wildcard, multiple and value selection (F4).

Implementing SAP’s standard value selection (F4) within the D’PROS IDoc is a powerful and unique feature. Value selection is performed directly from the SAP tables (including multiple selections), without having to memorize technical field-names and codes anymore.  It is logical and straightforward to look for “Material” instead of “MATNR” or search by “Material Group” instead of writing down the “material number/s”(SKUs).

To ensure fast and correct results with every search, D’PROS IDoc applies the structured search algorithm to every search. It works in such a way that every new incoming and outgoing IDoc is being indexed according to the customized parameters. For every new search, D’PROS IDoc uses the already existing indexed information to quickly and dynamically retrieve the requested information.

D’PROS IDoc is composed of the following layers:

  • Configuration & Maintenance – Configuration of the IDoc Type indexation fields, attributes and inter-IDoc relations (Transaction /DCM/IDMN_MONITOR – Idoc Monitor)

The screen is separated in to two areas:

On the left panel:

  • Help button – this button opens two direct links:
    • User Guide – a direct link to the IDoc user guide at the RainbowSAP knowledgeable website.
    • Release Notes – a direct link to the IDoc release notes document.
    • Open Service Ticket – a direct link to RainbowSAP support team where you may open a ticket.
  • Favorite – you mark IDoc variants as your favorite – by clicking on a rainbow variant will execute it directly.
  • Recently Used – A list of your previous used IDoc variants – by clicking on an IDoc variant will execute it directly.
  • Scanner – Scans the IDoc database and creates/delete indexes.


Monitor – Sets the search parameters for the IDoc data retrieval and searches the relevant IDoc collection according to the specified selection criteria.


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