DPRO’S Publisher is an efficient solution that automates the reporting scheduling and distribution. Publisher extracts any report data in any format, on any media, anytime.

Publisher expands and customizes SAP’s inherent reporting capabilities from a central point of control and enables to orchestrate the automation and customization of the numerous reports efficiently. Furthermore, Publisher turns the report into the full-fledged interface, ensuring full data integrity.

Publisher offers a new user experience with an efficient, intuitive and easy to use interface to customize and schedule the reports across the organization.

Publisher solution has two versions: one for IT and one for the users issuing the reports. The IT version is an enhanced version, allowing issuing all reports. Additionally, it allows performing administrative and maintenance tasks and interacting with the log files.

Publisher’s IT User Guide maximize your user experience and guides you step-by-step, tackling systematically all the issues that might arise during Publisher’s daily usage.


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