The SAP authorization concept protects transactions, programs, and services in SAP systems
from unauthorized access. To access business objects or execute SAP transactions, a user
requires corresponding authorizations, as business objects or transactions are protected by
authorization objects.

RainbowSAP Products adeher SAP authorization with no exception!

RainbowSAP was designed to enable on-Production working thus, it was designed – bottom-up – with Authorization in mind. Note, that RainbowSAP fully adheres to the SAP authorization concept and uses it as its corner-stone. In no case, RainbowSAP will allow, authorization-wise, things that SAP standard does not.

RainbowSAP suite (Rainbow, Publisher, iDoc, and Changer) authorization was built on-top (and using) SAP authorization concept. Thus, whoever invokes a transaction using one of the suite’s products, must first have the Authorization needed to invoke that transaction.

Actually, using RainbowSAP tools, one may enforce additional authorization checks per objects (report/query/DB table). The checks could be done either at a Record level (just like it’s done by standard SAP code) and at a Column level. 


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