Create a list of RainbowSAP Transactions Beforehand

In order to invoke a RainbowSAP variant directly, a New Transaction Code should be created (see: Invoking RainbowSAP Variant directly using Transaction-Code). To do so, one needs to create a new SAP transaction code in the Development system and Transport it using a CR to the Production system.


To avoid the burden and the bureaucracy involved in transporting transaction code from the Development system to Production time and time again, we suggest creating a list of RainbowSAP Transaction-codes beforehand.


Use the Transaction-code naming convention, defined at your organization, to set up a mask for the requested List of transactions and follow it to create numerous T-codes.


One convention could be: ZRB_HR001, ZRB_HR002 …, ZRB_HR010 followed by ZRB_MM001, ZRB_MM002, etc. Another convention could be ZRB0001, ZRB0002, etc.


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