2.Step By Step

  1. In Rainbow monitor Goto->Logical Transaction, Create a logical transaction:
    1. In Log. Transact field please fill a string that it will be part of T-Code of a logical transaction
    2. Click enter and 0n Transaction Code field you will receive a new T-Code Code of a logical transaction
    3. In Text field please fill a description of new T-Code
    4. In Program Name field please fill The Program name of the requested report/Query and Save
  2. Create a new Rainbow variant, in Original transaction field please fill the T- Code of the logical transaction (they will appear in (F4 > Logical transaction) and continue creating the Rainbow variant.
  3. Authorizations :

    A.      Please give authorization the new transaction code (The T-Code of Logical tran.) to relevant users (add it standard auth. Object S_TCOCE to the relevant role like each transaction)
    See A in below snapshot,  In this exp. /DPS/RET_T_INVENTORY

    B.      If you created/assigned a New Transaction Code in Rainbow variant you have to give authorization like each new Rainbow transaction (Auth Obj. /DPS/RET ,  Sub object /DPS/RET_T).
    See  B in below snapshot, In this exp. ZInventory

    Also, You can add authorization object in this Rainbow report – see explain under Authorization in RainbowSAP user guide

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