DPRO’S RainbowSAP Rainbow is simplifying SAP by providing users the tool for implementing a new or revised process in hours rather than weeks.

Rainbow is an spreadsheet-like application within SAP to support your business processes by providing a dynamic shared working environment that is easy to use and quick to apply.

Rainbow variant – Flow of events:

  • The original report is executed (internally) in runtime
  • Contents (data and metadata) are retrieved by Rainbow (AKA Baseline)
  • Baseline is enhanced with additional content
  • Content is enhanced by further styling
  • The result is then intersected with Authorization layer
  • Presented to the requester (SAPGUI, Fiori app., Publisher)

No code is being cloned into Rainbow.

  • All standard authorizations (in original report) are being checked.
  • Any changes in original report will be reflected automatically.

Here are the top three reasons to use Rainbow in your SAP:

  • Implement a new or revised process in hours rather than weeks.
  • Simple to use and requires almost no help from IT to implement
  • Keep your business logic and data secured within SAP and eliminate the need to export data to desktops or other systems.

This document will explain and show how to use the Rainbow. It requires no previous knowledge other than basic SAP experience.

By the end of it, you will be able to create new reports, add columns, use conditional formatting, filter the results and send them.

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